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Genetic testing for mental health medications

Not everyone reacts to medications in the same way. You may start feeling frustrated if you don’t receive any benefit from your first trial of medications for your depression or anxiety, or if your symptoms worsen. Unfortunately, this experience is common during mental health treatment. Studies have demonstrated that two-thirds of individuals with depression do not achieve complete relief from their first medication. It is also estimated that 31% to 48% of children treated with antidepressants will not respond to their prescribed medication. Your genetic makeup can affect your response to certain drugs. It can also influence whether you will experience negative side effects or adverse drug reactions. Using genetic testing for mental health medications, allows Mind Over Matter Psychiatry to narrow down which drugs may be more or less likely to work for you, and at which dose. This may reduce the trial and error that often happens with usual treatment.

The science behind this type of genetic testing is known as pharmacogenetics (you may also see it written as pharmacogenomics, or PGx). Pharmacogenetics combines the science of pharmacology (how drugs work) and the science of genomics (the study of the human genome).

Medications are not one-size-fits-all

Your body has a unique way of responding to and processing medications based on your DNA.

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) + genetics (the study of genes).

Think of pharmacogenetic testing like genetic testing for medications. Pharmacogenetic testing assesses your genes to understand how you uniquely metabolize, respond to, and tolerate different drugs. This can help personalize what medications Dr. Singer may choose to prescribe you, and at what dosages.

A better path forward

Genomind’s genetic testing and clinical support tools are designed to help us make more-informed treatment decisions.

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Reduce the process of trial and error by giving information that can narrow down medication options
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Save money and emotional strain due to additional healthcare visits, wasted medications, and more
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Avoid potentially harmful medication or gene-related interactions that can cause unwanted side effects
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Increase the likelihood of symptom relief
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Understand past treatment responses and future prescribing decisions
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Gather insights faster with the best-in-industry turnaround time

Dr. Singer is a preferred Genomind provider, at the forefront of personalized medicine. She has access to precision medicine software and pharmacogenetic experts which enable her to analyze complicated genetic and medication interactions. This benefit will reduce your risks and optimize your treatment.

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