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Neuroscience can identify the genetic, epigenetic, anatomical, circuitry, and functional bases for behavioral manifestations. The term neuropsychiatry describes the connection between neurology, neuroscience, and psychiatry. Dr. Singer's, DNP  unique experience in both neurology, psychiatry and disorders of cognition makes her uniquely qualified to understand the neurological basis of psychiatric disorders, the psychiatric manifestations of neurological disorders and the evaluation and care of both. She works collaboratively with an ivy league, Columbia-trained neurologist, affording her access to state-of-the-art neurodiagnostic resources and equipment.

This partnership provides advanced technology to measure objective data on a patient’s core brain functions such as: memory attention, information processing, and executive functioning. The brain mapping process includes electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (EKG), visual and auditory processing speeds (evoked potentials) and quantitative electroencephalogram, or qEEG. With a neuropsychological survey. This procedure can identify symptoms of cognitive dysfunction including memory loss, brain fog or fatigue and provide a neurofunctional physiology report.

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Dr. Singer is an active member of the globally recognized Neuroscience Education Institute completing their Master Psychopharmacology Program advancing her skills in the specialized practice of psychopharmacology. She accepts referrals from psychiatrists, physicians, and other practitioners for medicinal management and consultation for complex cases.

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