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Thank you for your time and interest in learning about Mind Over Matter Psychiatry. We provide the highest quality psychiatric care to those living in the comfort of their own home, skilled nursing facilities and Assisted Living Communities. Board certified as an  Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner,  Dr. Singer, DNP prides herself on distinct service tailored to the needs of individuals and families.

We understand the unique needs of seniors residing at home and in Assisted Living Facilities. With that in mind, our team attends to the mental health needs of our patients in the comfort of a familiar environment by seeing patients where they live; eliminating the stress of offsite medical appointments.

Let us show you the valuable professional services our practice has to offer.

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We utilize video conference technology to work with our patients. Through this technology, we’re able to provide evidence based assessments, therapies, patient education, and medication management.

This health related use of videoconferencing technology is called telemedicine. Telepsychiatry is a type of telemedicine that focuses on mental health. This technology is ideal for elders who live in rural areas, assisted living communities, who are unable to travel, or who don’t have the time to wait in a medical center. Telemedicine allows us to give everyone the opportunity for quality medical care.

Among South Carolina’s population, 14% are over the age of 60. Of that senior population, 26% are living alone. Seniors are among the most vulnerable populations when it comes to mental health. Through our telemedicine system, we are able to provide comprehensive psychiatric services within the comfort of their own homes.

To obtain the highest level of functioning, seniors need and deserve empathic, respectful, mental health services. The assistance we provide includes Alzheimer’s and dementia assessment and treatment. We also specialize in diagnosing and managing pseudo-dementia, depression, anxiety, and memory loss in older adults.

Obtaining adequate healthcare is a challenge for those who reside in rural or inaccessible areas. Through telepsychiatry, we are able to help those who may be unable to obtain mental health services. Mind Over Matter Psychiatry aims to provide access to behavioral health across the eastern United States.

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Please Note: If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please dial 988. For all medical health emergencies, please dial 911.