Lifestyle Management

Total wellness is a process that changes with age and can be influenced by circumstance, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Gaining understanding of your current state of wellness helps to establish future goals, treatment options and will provide motivation to make better choices for higher quality of life.

Our goal is to provide you with an accurate and educated picture of your physical and emotional wellness, as well as a basic understanding of the role that other medical conditions play in your mental health. Additionally, understanding the importance of stress management, weight, mindfulness, smoking, blood pressure, nutrition and exercise is key for achieving an optimal quality of life and improved sense of well-being.

Boston Heart Diagnostics is a program we often utilize, to manage patients' cardiovascular and metabolic risks through proprietary laboratory testing. This detailed testing provides the insights and tools necessary to establish individualized recommendations and successful improvement.

Dr. Roxanne Singer DNP, a Certified Diabetes and Education Specialist, will help you form an understanding and foundation by discussing a proactive lifestyle plan that lowers your risk of experiencing future cardiovascular events (heart attack or stroke), complications of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and/or cognitive decline. Mental healthcare is an integral part of diabetes management. With her advanced training from the American Diabetes Association you can be sure you will receive support, tools and expertise in diabetes care. 



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Please Note: If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please dial 988. For all medical health emergencies, please dial 911.